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Explore a Ruined World

Traverse the Remnants of a Cursed Kingdom…

In a dark and oppressive world, where even the air seems to carry weight, you awake from a deep slumber. Seemingly void of purpose, you venture forth attempting to retrace your steps and regain your lost memories…

In Crowsworn you will explore a giant interconnected world that is inhabited by vicious enemies and monsters. And danger lurks around every corner.

Discover New Secrets…

You will use a wide array of abilities to overcome platforming challenges while simultaneously juggling combat encounters. Every challenge is designed with the intent of having the player feel like a total bad ass when they triumphantly overcome it!

As you explore the nonlinear world, you will discover new abilities that will allow you to backtrack and unlock new regions of the world to explore. As you explore you will encounter bosses. They will be challenging and they will be epic!

Gun Down Your Enemies…

In Crowsworn you are equipped with three unique weapons that you will use to defeat enemies as you traverse the world. These weapons are the Scythe, Pistols, and Corvian Magic.

Taking inspiration from Bloodborne and Devil May Cry led to the design of a highly stylized and fast paced combat system. We have gone to great lengths and spent countless hours iterating on the control feel and responsiveness in order to ensure that the game feels great to play.


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